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Our values

Food creates a connection, so we value a genuine relationship with our customers.
We want everyone to enjoy their food, so we offer our customers an attractive catering service that adapts to their different needs.
We put a lot of attention, professionalism and love into our food, which is why we offer only the best taste at an attractive price.
We believe in rich food, using only quality and fresh ingredients, and above all variety, which is why we are constantly updating our menus.
The tastiest food is hot, so we deliver quickly and at a time of our customers' choosing.
We believe that the secret to good food is simplicity, which is why we've made the Seatisfy app easy and user-friendly.

Running a business? Don't let hunger get the better of your team!

Full and happy employees can move mountains. To keep your team productive and successful, make sure they have lunch. Set up a group of employees to receive the amount of money you want for food and leave the rest to us. We'll help you manage your payments, resolve any issues you have, and bring you the freshest, tastiest, home-cooked lunch to the office every day. Download the free Seatisfy app and start enjoying. Any uncertainties?

Do you like to correspond with your colleagues? Start ordering your food!

We work with colleagues in correspondence groups on day-to-day business matters. But the question of "what are we going to eat?" keeps coming up. We propose to make it particularly easy. Set up a group where you can order your own food and pay for the day's lunch separately. And we'll take care of any questions, train you to manage your orders and deliver quality, fresh and tasty food to your office. Download the free Seatisfy app and dine smarter. Questions?

We want lunch at work to be enjoyable. We will take care of it. Get in touch!

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