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Today's lunch

pork loin fried in egg and mayonnaise batter 4.10 
meatball soup 2.20 
Sauerkraut soup 1.40 
Pork lovers cutlet 3.30 
Potato pancakes with meat 4.30 
Cold cuts 2.20 
Natural chicken fillet steak 3.85 
Baked fillet of pollack with vegetable marinade 4.10 

Special offer of the day 5.50 

Pork lovers cutlet YDP

sauerkraut soup


We recommend

Wok noodles with prawns + PEPSI 0,5 l + Royal cupcake 7.50 
Wok noodles with prawns + PEPSI 0,5 l 7.00 
Wok noodles with chicken + PEPSI 0,5 l + Royal cupcake 7.00 
Wok noodles with chicken + PEPSI 0,5 l 6.50 
Wok noodles with chicken 6.00 
Wok noodles with prawns 6.50 

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Monika Vinkytė, Actress

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